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One Time In...

October Edition

One time in …..

The month of October was action packed with many weddings and festivals around Louisiana. Here are a few of this month’s highlights from Three Thirty Seven.

The first stop of the month was at the beautiful Capulet venue in New Orleans. The bride and groom, Megan and Mitch, had a picturesque wedding on the upper floor of the building then came downstairs to the all out party for their reception.

After the show was over a few of the band members decided to go catch some live local music stopping in to see “The Soul Rebels” brass band on Frenchman Street. Looks like the newlyweds had the same taste and got in on the fun as well. #hangingwiththeband

It was a quick turnaround as Three Thirty Seven went to Baton Rouge for yet another beautiful Louisiana outdoor wedding at the Burden Museum and Gardens. The party guests were serenaded with our “Cocktail Hour” band service as the bride and groom prepared for the reception. Once everyone had arrived the party took off and Three Thirty Seven rocked them into the night, all capped off with a piñata smashing moment; guest MC’d by Cory Landry.

October brings beautiful weather to the area and Festivals! The band was honored to play at three local festivals this month; including:

The Cattle Festival (Abbeville),

Gumbo Festival (New Iberia),

and the Rice Festival (Crowley).

We all enjoyed the food, fun, and excitement of playing at these festivals. The band would like to give thanks to all of the music coordinator’s for thinking of us to play for them!

The Doyle’s Rule!!! So did their wedding reception at Rip Van Winkle Gardens (New Iberia) The party guests were treated to another beautiful outdoor wedding under the stars of this amazing venue. Guests, friends, and family were entertained throughout the night with the reception party raging outside. Sieber Productions pulled out all the stops and set up an amazing light show to compliment the natural beauty of the surroundings. We sure do love these guys and all their hard work. The energy was through the roof at this reception. It is always so fun to play for a group of people that were totally enjoying their evening!

Speaking of outdoor weddings… The Grandfield/Lombardo wedding, in Lake Charles, was yet another night to remember! This couple invited guests from around the world to join them on their special day, from France to San Francisco. Three Thirty Seven surprised the guests to an impromptu Second Line, when the power got tripped, “Louisiana Style” for such a crowd. The guests all joined in and threw down like they had been doing the “Hot Step” all their lives and they never missed a beat!

Blue Martini, Lake Charles Halloween Party… we will just let the photos do the talking on this one! If you haven’t guessed the theme is “Alice In Wonderland”

Well that about wraps up October everyone. We would like to again thank all of our Brides, Grooms, Wedding Planners, Venues, Festivals, and our Sound/Lights Crew (Sieber Productions). This has been a month to remember. Follow us on social media at Three Thirty Seven on Facebook and @threethirtysevenlive on Instagram, we would love to see you at one of our shows and include your photos using the hast tag #ttslive or #jointheparty in our next month’s blog!

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