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     We started off as a rag-tag, makeshift configuration to cover a contracted wedding gig that Jacob booked. We had a couple of rehearsals and discovered that we had this undeniable energy between the four of us. I (Cory) had an epiphany of sorts on that gig night and asked the other guys if this would be something they'd want to do more regularly. That may seem like a silly question but with everyone having a life and regular day jobs I thought I should ask before attempting to lock down their weekends with gigs. Everyone was gung-ho and agreed to play the gig if I had booked it.

     I was using the name Cory Landry Band because of the relationships I had built with during my solo career. I came to the decision that I wanted to separate my solo entity from that of the full band entity so we decided to create a separate band name. Dustin threw out Three Thirty Seven in a group text and voila, we were officially a band.

     The next few months would prove to be very promising and provide a faint glimpse at what we could expect from the group. We were getting gigs steady and often. We then decided to bring in another instrumentalist. Jacob had a prior relationship with Bob, our saxophone player and brought him in. Bob fit right in and has been a cornerstone of consistency since he has joined.

Over the course of the next year or two we would constantly discover more about what kind of group we wanted to be and which direction we needed to go to arrive at our destination. We have cycled through many different, ultra talented musicians and singers and we feel like we have assembled a group of high character, dedicated musicians who can help us get to where we are trying to be as a group. Scott, Eddie, Joel, Tyler and Efron have provided an infectious energy and sense of dedication that we thrive on to become better.

    Now in year 8, our sound has become one of poppy backbeats with a killer rhythm section, soulful vocals, perfectly placed rhythm and lead guitars accompanied by a powerful horn section. Our sound spans decades and includes your favorite songs from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, and some of your favorite songs from today's artists. Our show is high energy and thrives off of crowd interaction and participation. We hope you enjoyed the back story and look forward to seeing you at a show in the future!

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